Bathroom Design Trends for 2023

Written by Vanities Depot

Just like fashion and hairstyles, interior design trends are constantly changing – bathrooms included! And while some things will never go out of style (like a classic, clean white bathroom design), there are some new décor elements that are making their mark in 2023.

Creating that beautiful, spa-like retreat is still the end goal for bathroom design. This year, there are some unique features that are gaining popularity: we think that trends for bathroom design will showcase more texture, stonework, simple and sleek light fixtures, and unique hardware.

Here are our top five bathroom design trends that we feel will be ones to look for this year:

1. Metallic Accents

Shiny metallics bring in sophisticated glamor, and brushed golds are showing up in a variety of different finishes. In bathrooms, adding metallic accents to vanities with unique bases, hardware or faucets are great ways to play on this trend. Mirrors are an easy upgrade to this style as well. Start with determining what tone you’d like to feature, like Radiant Golds or Brushed Nickel/Silver finishes. The key is to use complimentary tones, not focusing on having perfectly matched hardware and fixtures. Our new Champagne Brass hardware is a true chameleon, showcasing either a gold finish or silver tone depending on the light. Its soft coloring is a perfect way to start adding some shine to your space!

2. Retro-Inspired Design

Bringing in designs that have a vintage flair and mixing it with new pieces gives your space an inviting, lived-in like feel. 

Having your vanity as the centerpiece to your bathroom is a great starting point to your overall design. 

Mid-Century Modern styles gives you the perfect mix of retro vibes and modern-day functionality – check out these vanities.

3. Inspired by Industrial

With exposed bricks and pipes, industrial styling has been picking up in bathrooms recently. Think metal finishes and console sinks for the bathroom for this trend! 

This design style adds a more high-end, masculine touch to the space with open shelving and simplistic construction. We have a wide selection of industrial inspired bathroom vanities that will transform your space with ease.

4. Adding Color

Fresh paint will always make a room feel brand new! If you’ve been sticking to the classic whites and other neutrals in your spaces, adding splashes of color to your bathroom walls is a perfect place to start.

Rich, moody hues like super trendy olive greens or navy blues can give a bathroom a luxurious feel. If you prefer having your walls stay neutral, add a bold color with patterned tile, linens or even a vanity! 

Check out our selection of color-finished vanities in blue, gray, black and our new Smokey Celadon green!

5. Unique Pedestal & Console Sinks

If the bathroom you’re designing is on the smaller side and you need something that is space-saving but still unique, a pedestal sink or console option is a classic way to go. 

Our architectural-inspired Quebec and sleek, modern Jasper are unique pedestal options. But if you’re looking for something a little more vintage and glam, our Wellington is the way to go! 

No matter what type of design you want to take on for your bathroom, the most important thing to remember is to make it your own! Trends will always come and go, so be sure to choose a style that reflects your taste and fits your daily needs.