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Bathroom Remodel Checklist

Written by Vanities Depot

Remodeling your bathroom can feel like an overwhelming task. No matter how big or small your remodel may be, it’s important to consider timelines, budgets and of course style in your project.

Many of our customers remodel their bathrooms for their own enjoyment, while others are looking to add value to a home they're looking to sell. Regardless of what your goals are, we’ve complied a few key things to remember when prepping for a bathroom remodel and renovation to make it as easy as possible.

Person tiling a floor


Get an understanding of what you’re looking to remodel, how much you’re comfortable spending, and organizing a timeline for project completion. The more detailed you can get with your plan, the better. The age of your home, the condition that it’s currently in and the layout can all play a major factor in the remodel process. Setting your budget early on will keep your entire project on track and lessen the stress of unforeseen expenses along the way. Some things to consider include tile and flooring, paint or wall treatment, bathroom vanities and countertops, shower and tub renovation (if applicable), light fixtures, plumbing upgrades, hardware and accessories. If your remodel is on the cosmetic-side, choosing to take on some elements yourself could add some cost-savings to your budget. It’s also important to set a timeline to keep the project moving smoothly, so be sure to plan for a time that allows for proper prepping, ordering and construction.

Consult a Contractor/Designer

If you’re planning to make big changes such as altering the layout, reworking plumbing or electrical or other large-scale work needs, hiring a professional is always recommended. A contractor can make sure that the job not only gets done well but gets done right and within the proper code guidelines. Contractors will also be able to pull proper permits and documents to ensure that the work meets your state and local requirements, leaving you with one less (and important!) thing to worry about. If you’re stuck in the creative area of your project, bringing a designer on board will make decision making easier, and in the end, more fun! A good designer will help you pick the perfect colors and finishes to create a spa-like space that is perfect for your lifestyle, as well as make sure the timeline for delivery fits with the contractor and/or project timeline.

Measuring and Choosing the Perfect Vanity

Your bathroom should make a statement and reflect your style! A beautifully crafted, high-quality vanity is a great way to do so. Just like the other elements of your bathroom, it’s important to measure your space first before choosing a vanity to meet your needs and design. We offer a wide variety of single and double vanities, as well as modular additions to create a truly unique and functional space. Once you’ve measured for the size of your vanity, it’s also important to make sure that the plumbing is set in place and ready for your new piece. Our solid back vanities allow flexible plumbing rough-in which allow for tailored installation and better functionality. Be sure to consult your plumber or professional contractor for installation options.

Add in the finishes and colors

Bring your space to life with colors, textures, and beautiful finishes with paint, tile, wallpaper, and other materials. These pieces really transform a space and bring personality to even the smallest of bathrooms.

Planning a bathroom remodel for your home?

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