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Design a Moodboard For Your Bathroom Remodel

Written by Vanities Depot

So, you’ve decided to take on the task of remodeling your bathroom. Great! But as you’ve been searching online for inspiration on design, have you felt completely overwhelmed with all the options and styles that are out there?

You’re not alone.

There are many popular design styles that are out there, and if you’re not sure which one you actually like, then creating a moodboard is one of the best ways to start narrowing it down!

A moodboard is a compilation of styles, images, colors and textures that help to create an overall vision for a design. It allows you to see everything together before seeing the finished product, which elements go with others, and give an idea of the aesthetic for your space.

How To Create the Perfect Bathroom Remodel Moodboard

  • Start with images. Pinterest is a great way to get the ball rolling on design styles! Create a board and start pinning all the elements that inspire you or that you’re drawn to. You could also flip through design magazines for even more curated inspiration and pull out the ones that you love.
  • Color me beautiful. Color is such a great way to add personality. Go bold in smaller bathrooms to make a statement or soften up the hues for a spa-like space. You’d be surprised what a fresh hue will do! Whether you opt for paint or wallpaper, have swatches in hand so you can see the colors in the space.
Bathroom Interior Design Moodboard Example
  • Add in textile samples. Piece together samples of textiles that will be added to your bathroom. Floor or wall tiles, knobs and pulls, even vanity and countertop material samples – these will allow you to see what those elements look like together with your color swatches so you can choose the perfect finish and shade.
  • Accent with accessories. For added texture and layers, include images or samples of bathroom accessories to pull the design together. Rugs, countertop accessories, and even plants can bring a space to life! 
Portland Single Vanity from Vanities Depot

Don't be afraid of bringing in your own style and personality to your bathroom! It's a great space to have fun and experiment with a fun color or a new trend. 

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