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Art Deco Vanities

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Explore Our Range: From Classic 1920s Vanity to Modern Art Deco Elegance

Bring elegance to your bathroom with Art Deco vanities and premium features from Vanities Depot. This style is a pleasant, polished addition to Jack & Jill bathrooms, powder rooms, half-bathrooms, and more. Every Art Deco vanity in our collection delivers glitz and glamour that harkens back to this classic aesthetic of the early to mid-20th century.

With our extensive assortment of Art Deco bathroom selections, you can create the look you’ve always wanted with convenient shopping options and the expert design advice and customer service Vanities Depot is known for!

Artisan-style accents like metallic, ornamental shapes, and hand-carved details highlight this part of the Vanities Depot collection. Your vintage Art Deco bathroom needs a stylish centerpiece to set the tone, and there’s nothing better than a floating vanity, a single vanity, a Jack & Jill double vanity, or a compact sink and countertop to unveil inspired Art Deco charm in your space.

Choose from various finishes and textures with your Art Deco bathroom vanity. Your 1920s vanity stands out with shimmering metal textures (brushed nickel, radiant gold, and more) or soft, pastel colors with Art Deco accents. Plus, our impressive array of Art Deco vanities come in abundant size possibilities, from compact powder room vanities (16-20 inches) to expansive, spacious 72-inch Art Deco bathroom vanities.

No Art Deco bathroom is complete without the perfect accessory, and we bring 20th-century style directly to your wall, either above or adjacent to your Art Deco vanity. Our wall mirrors are available in sleek metal frames with contoured edges or symmetrical geometry. Choose a platform mirror for a stunning addition above your vanity, or elevate your Art Deco surroundings with a compass-style mirror crafted with cutting-edge modernism in mind.

Your next bathroom makeover starts with just a few clicks. With Vanities Depot, you’ll get exceptional value and quality with your Art Deco bathroom vanity, and our design team will help you choose the right accessories at a price that fits your budget. Start building your Art Deco-inspired bathroom, and contact us today!