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Single Wall Mounted + Floating Bathroom Vanities

Experience unparalleled flexibility in interior design with our floating and wall-mounted single-bathroom vanity sets, designed for seamless wall attachment via a French cleat.

Modern Elegance: Floating & Wall-Mounted Single Vanities with Customizable Features

Our floating and wall-mounted single-bathroom vanity sets give you the best of both worlds when it comes to interior design options. Each single-bathroom vanity is precisely engineered to attach to your wall using a French cleat. You can keep the traditional vanity look or remove the legged base on the bottom so your single-sink vanity appears to hover off the floor. It’s like a magic trick — but the real magic is how it transforms your bathroom with modern style and elegance.

Want even more design options? Choose from various colors, finishes, and fixtures when selecting your single vanity. You can also select from a variety of countertops ranging from quartz to composite stone to complete the look of your single-sink bathroom vanity

There is also a diverse range of sizes. Our 24-inch models are ideal for small spaces, or you can make a luxurious statement with a 60-inch vanity with a single sink if you have a larger bathroom. Plus, you’ll find convenient amenities such as USB ports and bamboo drawer organizers.

We’ve constructed our floating and wall-mounted single-bathroom vanity sets for easy installation. Each vanity features one pre-installed French cleat and an additional corresponding French cleat that requires wall installation. Once the French cleat has been mounted, simply remove the base from your vanity and affix the vanity to the wall to modernize the look and feel of your bathroom.

Shop our most popular types of wall-mounted vanities. You can also browse all of our collections, including single vanities and double vanities.

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