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Designing an Updated Jack & Jill Bathroom

Written by Vanities Depot

A “Jack and Jill” bathroom setup typically refers to a shared bathroom situated between two bedrooms. This type of bathroom usually features two entrances that are accessible from each bedroom. Its design is intended to provide convenience and efficiency by allowing multiple people to utilize the bathroom area without having to access a shared hallway bath. 

This design has been popular in family homes for several years, as it allows siblings or multiple family members to access the bathroom from their respective spaces.


In most cases, you will find that the traditional Jack & Jill layout often includes a single vanity with one sink - sometimes two sinks - as well as a toilet, and a bathtub or shower. This configuration creates shared functionality and efficiency in a smaller space. 


While this has been the norm for decades, we’re beginning to see an increase in a more modernized Jack & Jill bathroom: featuring dual vanities, as opposed to one single vanity setup. 


If you're wondering how having two single vanities in the space is better, we've broken it down for you.

Two single Laurent vanities with Callie mirrors

Here are four reasons why we think having two vanities in a Jack & Jill bathroom beats having a single vanity:



The shift towards having two vanities in a Jack & Jill bathroom puts a bigger emphasis on individual design and personal space. It allows for each person to have their own designated zone in a common area, moving the focus from sharing everything, to having a feeling of individuality. This is even more appealing when it comes to decorating and designing the space. Each vanity can be set up to fit specific personalities and needs, instead of trying to accommodate multiple individual styles. 




While the idea of a Jack & Jill bathroom layout is to create a more streamlined, functional space, the design of having a singular, long vanity creates congestion and disorganization, especially during busy morning routines. With dual vanity options, daily functionality increases since multiple people can perform their daily rituals at the same time: two people can brush their teeth, wash their faces, and get ready without having to wait for the other person to finish doing everything.



In line with enhanced function of the bathroom, having two vanities also allows for better storage options. In traditional designs with one vanity, limited counter space and storage could lead to cluttered, unorganized bathrooms. Having dual vanities in a Jack & Jill bathroom offers opportunities for smarter storage solutions. Each person can keep their personal items tucked in places such as drawers and under-vanity cabinets without cluttering up a shared counterspace or packing a few drawers full of things.




As the saying typically goes, “bathrooms and kitchens sell homes.” The reason why bathrooms are such a huge selling feature is because potential homeowners are looking for ways to make their daily life smoother, more efficient, and aesthetically pleasing. Upgrading your Jack & Jill bathroom with a new vanity set up or layout is very appealing to homebuyers. They get to see themselves in a setting where multiple family members can easily start and end their days in a unique space of their own.

Countertop space for Jack & Jill Bathrooms



Designing a new Jack & Jill bathroom to fit two vanities is dependent on a few factors: current layout, potential layout, plumbing access, and the cost of the renovation. Some bathroom upgrades are as simple as swapping out old for new, while others may take more time and consideration to reconfigure the space. It’s important to note that before you begin your renovation, you should be in contact with a licensed contractor to ensure that designing your upgraded Jack & Jill bathroom meets the codes and standards of your area, as well as having the appropriate sizing and layout for the space.

One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to updating the traditional Jack & Jill bathroom is: "How can I make sure that the dual vanities complement each other and fit well into the overall design of the Jack & Jill bathroom?"


While each design aesthetic is different for everyone, you should focus the most on cohesive styling. Achieving a cohesive design involves matching or coordinating materials, colors, and styles for both vanities. When working to create cohesion in the space, the easiest and most common option is to purchase two of the same vanities. Homeowners may also want to explore additional design elements, like mirrors, lighting, and storage solutions that tie the two vanities together while contributing to the desired aesthetic of the entire bathroom.

De Soto Modular Vanities are great options for a more customized Jack & Jill bathroom or ensuite setup.

For example, if you don’t have the option to create two separate spaces for your vanities, a modular vanity option might be a great fit! Modular vanities allow you to design a completely custom setup for your space. They will often times consist of a storage unit or makeup vanity between two vanity units, which increases the functionality of the bathroom and creates a beautiful aesthetic. 



This new take on Jack & Jill bathrooms isn’t just showing up in traditional Jack & Jill layouts – owner’s suites are picking up on dual vanity trend as well. Moving away from one vanity, even if it has double sinks, has been an increasingly popular design move in the past few years. In this set up, it’s common to see two single vanities flanking the doorway into the bathroom, creating two separate spaces. Another popular way to install two vanities in a larger shared space is by installing a bathtub or makeup vanity in between the two sinks.


Overall, we find that having dual vanities offer several benefits in the bathroom: from improved functionality and organization to the ability to customize the design and personalize the bathroom space for each user. These positives make Jack & Jill bathroom dual vanities a popular choice for modern homeowners seeking both practicality and style in their bathroom design.