Choosing a Floating Bathroom Vanity

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When it comes to transforming your bathroom into a modern sanctuary, a floating bathroom vanity makes a big impact. A floating bathroom vanity, also commonly referred to as a wall-mounted vanity, is a sleek option for homeowners looking to create a more contemporary aesthetic in their bathroom. Many vanities that offer this installation option fall into the minimalistic design category, while others play into the “spa-like” or luxurious styling. Whether you are looking to upgrade your powder room or master bathroom, a floating bathroom vanity can be a great choice.

A floating bathroom vanity is a cabinet that is fixed to the wall instead of the traditional freestanding installation on the floor.

The popularity of floating vanities has risen significantly in the past few years. Wall-mounting your bathroom vanity can offer several functional benefits, however design aesthetics are the largest driving factor. 

Traditional freestanding vanities – where the cabinet stands on the floor as opposed to being mounted on the wall – typically feature more ornate detailing and larger storage capacities such as drawers and doors with interior shelving. Floating vanities can still offer plenty of storage, however without a base, the square footage is typically less than that of a traditional vanity cabinet. 

36" Chicago Single Bathroom Vanity in Smokey Celadon as  a Wall-Mounted Option

Benefits of a Floating Bathroom Vanity

With many homeowners choosing this type of cabinet due to the aesthetic appeal, design styling is a great benefit that comes with a wall-mounted vanity. If you are looking to create a modern or luxurious look for your bathroom, a floating bathroom vanity can instantly elevate the space. High-end bathrooms often feature floating cabinets, mainly because the design principles for a luxury look align with the minimalistic and clean appearance that Modern interior design brings.

Even if your bathroom moodboard doesn’t align with an ultra-modern or spa-inspired vibe, a floating bathroom vanity can still be incorporated into your design if functionality is your focus. A wall-mounted vanity can give the illusion of more space, which makes it a perfect solution for smaller spaces. By exposing the floor underneath, a floating bathroom vanity makes the bathroom appear larger and more open.

Another benefit of choosing to install a floating bathroom vanity is the option to adjust the height placement of the cabinet. Wall-mounting your bathroom vanity gives you the flexibility to customize the height to fit personal preferences.

Practically speaking, cleaning underneath a floating bathroom vanity is a breeze, since there is no base obstructing the area. For those who are worried about dust and other debris collecting under the cabinet, the wall-mounted option means you can say goodbye to stuck Roombas and appreciate the ease of keeping your bathroom tidy.

How to Choose the Perfect Floating Bathroom Vanity

As always, measuring your space for your floating bathroom vanity is one of the most important steps. Find the maximum width available for your piece, as well as the depth. Be mindful of doors, walls, and other plumbing fixtures when measuring. Deciding which wall your cabinet will be installed on is equally as important as measuring for the space. Remember that this vanity is wall-mounted, which means you will need to have it installed on a wall with interior supports or proper studs that can support the weight and size of the piece.

You will also need to decide on the storage space and features of the cabinet. Do you prefer doors only, drawers or a combination? Your design preference will play a big role in this choice. Modern-inspired bathroom vanities often feature doors and sleeker finishes, while Transitional pieces can give your space added warmth with more design details. Many of our bathroom cabinets also feature built-in electrical/USB, which can help to eliminate clutter on the countertop. 

48" Marcello Single Floating Bathroom Vanity in a luxurious  bathroom setting

Installing a Floating Bathroom Vanity

When you choose a floating bathroom vanity from our catalog, it will include the proper hardware in order to correctly fix the cabinet to the wall, which will give you peace of mind when planning to complete your bathroom upgrade. A French cleat is included with vanities that have the option to wall-mount, as well as the anchoring screws to secure it in place. When unboxing your new cabinet, the male-side French cleat will already come attached to the back of your vanity, which will ensure that your cabinet is balanced properly against the wall.

To install your floating bathroom vanity, be sure to read through the instructions that are included with your cabinet, and check to ensure that all hardware components are included. Next, use a stud finder to locate studs in the wall where you plan to mount your piece. Mark the studs on the wall, and then proceed to determine the height that you would like your floating bathroom vanity to be.

Align the bottom edge of the French cleat with the height mark and be sure that it’s level. Mark where the screw hole positions are located on the cleat, remembering to align them with the studs in your wall. Drill pilot holes and then attach the cleat.

With the help of a friend, lift the vanity and align the cleat on the back of the vanity with the cleat mounted on the wall. Carefully lower the cabinet until the cleats engage and lock together. Double check that everything is level and lined up before connecting your plumbing and adding any finishing touches.

As always, we recommend working with a licensed professional before beginning the process of installing your floating bathroom vanity.

Our Selection of High-End Floating Bathroom Vanities

As an authorized retailer of James Martin Vanities, we offer a wide range of bathroom cabinets that can be installed wall-mounted, and several that are versatile. Our versatile vanities are a great option if you are unsure of your installation preference, since these pieces conveniently come with a removable set of legs or base unit.

The floating bathroom vanity is more than just a trend: it is a functional, stylish addition that can transform your space into a sleek and modern bathroom.

With benefits such as customizing the cabinet height placement, easier maintenance and cleaning, as well as a gorgeous aesthetic design, wall-mounted bathroom vanities are a great choice for homeowners looking for both visual and practical elements.

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