Small Bathroom Remodel Design Inspiration

Written by Vanities Depot

Despite their smaller square footage, small bathroom remodels can be a fun way to add personality to your home. Small bathroom upgrades are typically a lesser investment as opposed to a master bathroom with more space and plumbing features. Whether you’re looking to give some love to your powder room or half bath, or refresh a smaller-sized full bathroom, here are some ideas to get your renovation creativity flowing.

In most cases, a small bathroom remodel can be a simple cosmetic update, especially if you’re working with a powder room. The less there is to change, the less the investment may be! It’s also a great opportunity to make a statement with your space and try a trend or a design detail that you might not have considered for other areas of your home.

For many homeowners, a small bathroom tends to be left out of the design decisions, making it feel cold and forgotten. Your small bathroom can set the tone for your guests’ visit, and by creating a space that feels welcoming to guests, you give them a glimpse into the vibe of your overall home aesthetic.

One of the best ways to gauge where your interior design needle is pointing towards is to start with descriptive words of how you want your space to look and feel. It’s not uncommon for one person’s “traditional design” to not be the same as the next. When you begin the design process using words to describe the look and feel, you have a better opportunity of aligning with the style that is perfect for your space. From there, you have room to refine the aesthetic.

Design note: Because these descriptive words are so interchangeable with several other design stylings, it’s important to take the time to refine that aesthetic even further to create the exact look you’re going for.

Brittany single vanity

If you want: luxe, elegant, sleek…

If you love the opulence of old Hollywood and have a love of high-end styling that is full of personality, consider ModernArt Deco or Glam bathroom designs. 

These styles often feature reflective surfaces and shiny metals, along with symmetrical designs. If you’re looking for your small bathroom to stand out from the rest, bold and moody colors are sure to make a statement! For a fun wow factor, consider a wallpaper or chandelier. 

For these types of stylings, check out our AlicanteColumbiaLinden and Chicago collections.

Luxe, Elegant, Sleek bathroom vanities

If you want: laid-back, classic, clean…

An all-white bathroom or space with lighter neutrals is a safe, yet classic way to go.

There are always opportunities to add some pizazz with textured rugs, a pop of color with paint, or framed artwork but if this is how you picture your small bathroom, you might lean towards TransitionalCoastal, or Scandinavian styles.

The LaurentChiantiBritannia, and Palisades are perfect choices for your bathroom!

Laid-back, classic and clean bathroom aesthetic

If you want: inviting, lived-in, rustic-inspired…

We love the warm, welcoming vibe that comes with this design style! Check out the Modern FarmhouseFrench Country, and Traditional aesthetic to create this cozy, cottage-like space. 

Warm neutrals such as taupes, olives, and creams accented with antique designs and pieces make any builder-grade house feel like it’s been there for ages. Wall features like wainscotting, beadboard or board and batten are often associated with this styling, and are great for bringing warmth to a small bathroom.

Our BrookfieldProvidenceBristol and Brittany vanities bring a unique character and charm to your smaller space. 

Inviting, lived-in, rustic-inspired bathroom aesthetic

Maximizing Your Small Bathroom Space

While there are plenty of design “tricks” to create the illusion of more space, it’s important to be as resourceful with the space you do have. 

If the small bathroom you are working in is a half bathroom or powder room (meaning there is only a toilet and a sink), making use of your space is crucial. 

Ask yourself the following question: Do I need storage for this small bathroom? Or is this upgrade purely for design? 

➡ If your answer is “Yes, I need storage” then consider a bathroom vanity that features under-cabinet storage. This is great if you would like to keep extra linens, soaps or rolls of toilet paper hidden from sight. 

➡ If you would like storage but still would prefer to be design-focused, you can have the best of both worlds, since many of our bathroom vanities feature plenty of storage and beautiful finishes. You could also consider a console sink, which traditionally has an exposed shelf for linens and other design touches. 

➡ But if you are looking for a piece that creates the perfect aesthetic that you’ve pinned all over your Pinterest and storage isn’t necessary, shop for a bathroom vanity that has the exact look you are going for and pulls your entire small bathroom interior design together. 

(Curious to see what we mean? Take a look at our Quebec Pedestal SinkBellamy VanityAuburn Console sink and our Wellington Console sink! They are statement pieces for specific interior designs.)

As always, we highly encourage working with a licensed professional to ensure that your upgrades are up to code and are safely (and correctly) installed. 

Wall-Mounted or Freestanding Bathroom Vanities?

The installation preference of your new bathroom vanity is dependent on the size of the space and the look of the space.

Our catalog features vanities that are freestanding – meaning they have a base or a set of legs that sit on the floor – as well as wall-mounted or floating vanities. These bathroom vanities come with a French Cleat and are mounted to the wall with open space below the cabinet. Wall-mounted bathroom vanities are great for small spaces since they are not touching the floor. This installation option can make the space feel larger and more elegant. 

If you’re not sure which way you would like your vanity installed, you can always opt for one of our versatile bathroom vanities – these pieces can be mounted to the wall or displayed in the traditional freestanding way.

Marcello collection wall-mounted bathroom vanity

The Size of Your Space

It goes without saying that you should always measure to be confident that the bathroom vanity you’ve chosen will not only fit with the design but fit within the space. Most half bathrooms or powder rooms can comfortably hold a vanity up to 30 inches, while smaller full-sized bathrooms may be able to extend to 48 inches. 

If your small bathroom is tight on room, take a look through our Small Spaces Solutions for bathroom vanities 30” and under. For a slightly more spacious small bathroom, we have vanities ranging from 31”-40” and 41”-50”

Bellamy single bathroom vanity