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Our Best-Selling Vanities for 2023

Written by Vanities Depot

As everyone starts their countdown to the new year, we’re counting down our best-selling vanities of 2023! 

This year, we expanded our catalog with the launch of nine brand new bathroom vanity collections. While choosing a vanity is highly dependent on space and style, we love to run the numbers on which products our customers chose for their bathrooms time and time again.

Here are our top five best-selling bathroom vanities from 2023!

5. 72” Breckenridge Double Vanity in Light Natural Oak

The Breckenridge was part of our new collection launch in early 2023 and became an instant hit with so many customers.


A little more refined with a cleaner design than our popular Malibu vanity, its Light Natural Oak finish was the perfect tone for so many bathroom designs.


Lending itself to the Modern Farmhouse, Rustic and Scandinavian interior stylings, Breckenridge has made a statement this year! We especially love this vanity with our Charcoal Soapstone countertop for a unique look with lots of personality!

4. 36” Laurent Single Vanity in Light Natural Oak

Making an appearance in early 2023, Laurent’s showstopping cathedral wood graining and arched insets on the doors and drawers drew attention to this collection, landing it in the number four spot for top-seller! 


With the versatility to remove the base and wall-mount this piece as a floating vanity, Laurent’s unique look is the perfect match for Boho, Mid-Century Modern, Scandinavian and Modern Farmhouse bathroom designs.


3. 72” Brittany Double Vanity in Saddle Brown

Brittany’s classic design has been part of our catalog for years, and it’s always a favorite! 


Simple sophistication is the aim for this design, with beautiful detailing and ample storage. Brittany is our most expansive vanity collection, with eight finishes and seven sizes to choose from. 


This year, the 72” Double Vanity option in Saddle Brown came in third place, with smaller sizes in the same finish coming in close behind.

2. 36” Malibu Single Vanity in Honey Alder

The reigning best-seller from 2022 dropped a spot this year. 


Our Malibu collection comes in a beautiful Honey Alder, and its heavy distressing and apothecary-inspired design is the perfect piece for creating that lived-in, antique look. 


We love it for French Country, Modern Farmhouse, Rustic, Boho and Mediterranean bathroom designs! 

1. 36” and 48” Hudson Single Vanities in Light Natural Oak

Tied for first this year: our 36” and 48” Hudson Single Vanities! 


As another new collection launched in early 2023, Hudson’s beautiful wood graining and waterfall inspired sides made it a standout selection for so many. 


The front paneling gives a nod to Mid-Century Modern with a cool, Contemporary vibe. We especially love the Champagne Brass knobs that complete the look of this piece!

Even though these particular pieces took top prize as our best-selling vanities, we feel as though there are several pieces that are just as noteworthy. Here is a quick look at some of our honorable mentions:

36” Portland Single Vanity in Whitewashed Walnut

Our Portland collection is such a chameleon when it comes to fitting in with different styles. 

The Whitewashed Walnut finish is the perfect neutral wood tone, and its simple design makes it perfect for Transitional, Coastal, Mid-Century Modern, Rustic and even Farmhouse aesthetics. 

Behind its shutter-inspired doors, you’ll find plenty of drawer and cabinet storage!

36” and 60” Brookfield Single Vanities Country Oak and Antique Black

If you love traditional, vintage-inspired design, Brookfield is the collection for you! 


With its hand carved details and antique brass hardware, this bathroom vanity brings in a beautiful traditional styling that blends with a variety of interior design. 


This year, these four vanity options were neck-and-neck in popularity. We love that these two particular finishes bring out characteristics from Modern Farmhouse design, French Country details, Rustic elements, Bohemian antiques and Traditional detailing. Its warmth creates a story in the space and gives a lived-in feel.


Shop them here:

36" Brookfield Single Vanity, Country Oak | 36" Brookfield Single Vanity, Antique Black | 60" Brookfield Single Vanity, Country Oak | 60" Brookfield Single Vanity, Antique Black

36” Brittany Single Vanity in Sage Green

Our popular Brittany collection features simple, yet sophisticated detailing that captures elements of so many design styles – this year, we saw a large jump in orders that chose our 36” Brittany in Sage Green!


Made popular on Pinterest, the Sage Green color is a lighter hue than our Smokey Celadon finish, with a hint of mint to it. This finish is a great way to bring some personality to your bathroom, especially if the rest of your space is neutral. 


We especially love it when placed in Boho and Coastal designs!


It’s always fun to look back at some of our trend predictions for the year to see if they held true against our top products. For 2023, we felt like metallic accents, retro-inspired design, industrial styling, pops of color and unique pedestal & console sinks would take the lead for bathroom aesthetics. 


While retro-inspired designs definitely took the top trend this year, we saw patterns for color and metallic accents sprinkled throughout our best-selling vanities! 

What can you expect for 2024 Bathroom Design trends?

  • Wood tones will continue to trend upwards, as we saw with all our top five sellers this year. While lighter wood tones made a big impact this year, we expect to see darker/warmer wood tones throughout 2024. 

  • Texture and pattern are also design elements that we are watching closely for the coming year. While sleek designs are always a popular choice, homeowners are going a little more bold in their bathroom designs!

  • More designs with two separate vanities in the owners’ suites and master bathrooms. We saw a pattern this year for the same two vanities with matching countertops in orders and love the idea of creating additional space for daily routines.

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