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Master Bathroom Remodel Design Inspiration

Written by Vanities Depot

Whether it’s a lack of storage, poor functionality, or a design decision from a decade ago that doesn’t look great anymore, bathroom remodels are typically one of the first updates that homeowners look to make when their space isn’t as ideal as they would like. 


Master bathrooms (also known as “owner’s suites”) are usually fixated to or inside of the largest bedroom in the home – the master bedroom. It provides easy access between the spaces and allows for a more seamless living routine. In many cases, master bathrooms offer more square footage than additional bathrooms in the home, and often include a shower, bathtub, water closet (or toilet room) as well as an expansive vanity. 

Depending on when the home was constructed, the layout, and size of the space, the type of upgrade or remodel can vary drastically. Some may require you to demo walls, move plumbing, or alter the configuration in order to get the flow that you’d love for your dream master bathroom to have. Others may need a few cosmetic upgrades that can be done within a few weeks. As always, we recommend working with a certified professional to bring your vision to life!


Maybe you have a Pinterest board that is overflowing with ideas for the perfect bathroom design but seems a little dauting or overwhelming to condense into one stylized look. Or maybe you aren’t sure of what style you’re even looking for! If you’ve been considering a remodel of your master bathroom, we’ve compiled some popular stylings to help inspire your new space. 

Breckenridge vanity in Light Natural Oak with Charcoal Soapstone Countertop

One great way to find the perfect interior aesthetic is to think about descriptive words. These can be an actual physical description, a feeling or even mood. 


Look through some of these word groupings that might be used to describe your favorite type of styles and their elements for your master bathroom remodel: 

Warm, Lived-In, Timeless


These words evoke a feeling of “home”. If you are pulled towards this description, you might be drawn to rustic designs, traditional detailing, or farmhouse-inspired aesthetics. Neutral paint colors, such as taupe, grays and creams are the base of this design style, complemented by warmer wood tones with an antique feel. To elevate your bathroom space, try adding wood details to your walls, such as board and batten or wainscoting.


We love the Bristol, Brittany, De Soto, and Savannah collections for this kind of design style! 

Warm, lived-in, timeless bathroom remodel moodboard

Spa-like, Elegant, High-End


If you are drawn to these words, you most likely want to create a master bathroom that brings a sophisticated 5-star hotel spa vibe to you every single day. While the colors can range from light to dark, these luxurious designs are typically adorned with marble flooring, beautiful yet simple detailing and reflective finishes. To find the perfect vanity to anchor your space, we find that the Modern and Transitional categories will fit the description! 


Our Chicago, Emmeline and Marcello collections are sure to make a high-end bathroom shine.

Spa-like, elegant, high-end bathroom remodel moodboard

Old-World, Textured, Antique


Rich woods and antique finishes bring a unique design to your master bathroom, giving a romantic, story-filled design. These words evoke the Bohemian, Mediterranean, and French Country interior stylings. Paired with lighter walls and unique statement pieces, you can create a bathroom that feels like it came right from an Italian Villa!


Our Brookfield, Malibu, Balmoral and Regent collections will create a space that feels well-traveled and full of sophistication.

old-world, textured, antique bathroom remodel moodboard

Simple, Light, Effortless


Focusing on the basics and nothing too over-the-top, you may prefer your master bathroom to lean towards a Minimalistic or Scandinavian design. This aesthetic focus on functionality of your space, with an emphasis on “less is more”. Grounded in lighter tones and simplistic styling, your space will feel fresh, clean, and serene!

Take a look at our Hudson, Chicago, Breckenridge and Laurent collections.

simple, light, effortless bathroom remodel moodboard

Once you’ve started to solidify a design direction, it’s important to consider other elements you will need for the master bathroom. This will help not only for the design, but also the logistics of the space. 

Two sinks or one?

When designing your new master bathroom, understanding the size and function of the space is key. Most primary bathrooms have a double sink vanity to create an easier flow for daily routines, however, not every space can accommodate for one large vanity. Some questions to consider are: Do I want or need a double vanity in the space? Or could one sink suffice? 


If you need two sinks, you could either have a standard double vanity that has two sinks, or if the space and layout allow, consider two single vanities placed in different spots of the master bathroom. Having two separate spaces can create better flow and function. Reminiscent to “his and hers closets”, we’ve seen a growing trend of the primary bathroom having two separate vanities instead of one


Two single vanities in the master bathroom

Floating or Freestanding?

Several of our collections have dual installations and can either be a wall-mounted vanity (floating) or installed freestanding on a base. Floating vanities often give a more sophisticated, modern look. If you prefer to have your vanity mounted to your wall, consider its placement. This option exposes the floor underneath and requires installing the included French cleat bracket to the wall.


Exposed shelving or concealed storage?

If you prefer to have linens and accessories showcased as a design element in your master bathroom, a console vanity with shelving is a great option. If you prefer a more streamlined look and want to tuck all of your items behind closed doors, consider a vanity that has concealed storage. If your space allows, you could also consider adding a linen cabinet for additional organization. 

Like any remodel or home project, it’s important to keep budget, function, and ability at the forefront of the process. Consult with a local professional, such as a contractor, architect, or designer, to ensure that your updates are done correctly. 


When you’re ready to source the perfect master bathroom vanity for your space, shop our entire catalog of beautiful James Martin single vanities, double vanities and mirrors.